Tuesday, December 14, 2010

site i love: i want to be her!

to the outsider, i may seem to just say a lot of random crap that makes me look like i'm directionless/all over the place. but to my family and close friends, they know that i just tend to think out loud/make exaggerated statements for effect on a daily basis. all in good fun!

one of these oft-used phrases is "i want to be her"...now, depending on my mood, i could be admiring some random chick's faux-fur jacket, or musing while looking at a friend's african safari photos on facebook. this isn't a statement made out of jealousy or envy (er, usually), just a fleeting moment of "that's awesome!". and the founder of this new site, i want to be her!, apparently shares my feelings (at least about the faux-fur jacket.) a new take on the lookbook, the site includes photos (or drawings in some cases) of stylish gals on the street, with each piece of their outfits broken down for us adorers to check out. dig it!

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