Sunday, November 21, 2010

feelin' hot hot hot

this past week has been quite the smorgasbord of awesome. let's review, shall we?

1. hanson being badass.

few things or people make my inner teenybopper squeal like isaac, taylor, and zac, and i feel like a proud parent that the boys have kept on keepin' on since 1997 and make such ridiculously great music. i feel like i could take even the most staunch hanson hater to a show and they'd walk away wanting to get a "hanson 4 lyfe" tattoo. but anyways, i attended my 5th (yes 5th) concert by the trio last night and as usual, it felt pretty much like christmas morning. and speaking of, they busted out two completely unexpected holiday gems from snowed in, their 1997 christmas album AND coincidentally best christmas album ever, no exaggeration.

my only wish was that a situation like this one, that occurred just a few nights ago in montreal, happened at our show, so isaac (aka "old man hanson") could have pulled this badass move on this guy who pushed two drunk annoying girls down. starts at 1:28. loves it.


i think i might be the only fan of this EPIC drink, but i don't understand how anyone can not love it. it's pretty much like melted vanilla ice cream with a hint of cinnamon in a cup. plus, you can put rum in it! though i must admit i'm somewhat of an eggnog purist and don't like any mix-ins in my 'nog. nommm.

3. "lipdub" videos
where have these been all of my life? i grew up lip-synching in my mirror and i think i'm pretty darn good. so when i saw this one-take lip-synch to the black eyed peas' "i've got a feeling" by a group of canadian college students on the today show the other morning, i basically thought i'd found my calling. this is the best of the bunch, but there's some other hilarious ones if you feel like scrolling through the related vids.

4. girl talk's album "all day"

i never got into this dude before, but after several friends suggested that i check out the latest release from the mash-up master, downloadable for FREE on this site, i took the bait andddd promptly fell in love. ludacris' "move, bitch" over black sabbath's "war pigs"? foxy brown's "hot spot" over peter gabriel's "in your eyes"? it's over an hour of fantastic goodness. if you like to smile, you need to download this album. ASAP. :)

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