Thursday, November 11, 2010


i had heard whisperings of the sandwich before. a sketchy-sounding "pork patty" smothered in barbeque sauce and covered with pickles and onions from mcdonald's that only appeared on the menu for limited-time intervals. but just last week, talk of the mcrib's return reached a fever pitch, with countless tweets, facebook status updates and random declarations of love for this strange and intriguing culinary invention. mcdonald's themselves seemed to enjoy the sandwich's cult following, launching a "legends of mcrib" campaign that encouraged devotees to share the story of their first time. with the mcrib, that is.

not being able to resist the temptation and hype that was swirling about (not to mention, being a secret fatty and loving all things fast food and/or barbeque), i just had to try the mcrib. as i pulled up to the drive-thru, hands shaking in anticipation, an angelic voice greeted me, "welcome to mcdonald's. would you like to try the mcrib?" damn, they're good. "yes, actually, i would!" and, as i lick the last traces of barbeque sauce off of my fingers, my curiosity has finally been satisfied. the mcrib is pretty darn mcyummy - i'd give it a 7 out of 10.

now, i wouldn't say that i'd eat this thing for every meal for the rest of my life. and i don't think it necessarily merits a grandiose obsession. i much prefer the angus 1/3 pounders. but the meat was surprisingly tasty, the barbeque sauce had the perfect amount of tang, and the onions gave it a little extra kick. i'm also quite bitter because i only got ONE pickle, so that might have lowered my rating a notch or two, but overall, not awful for a fast food joint's try at barbeque. i hear this run is only 6 weeks, so get 'em while they're hot! but you know the mcrib will be back. oh, it'll be back.

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