Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh bandz, you so silly

okay, so i'm like 6+ months late on blogging about this, but i've just recently come to accept that i think sillybandz - the silicone bracelets shaped like dinosaurs, giraffes, guitars, and pretty much anything else that you can form silicone into - are pretty fantastic. yes, i know i just wrote about the fact that i'm secretly 40 years old, but i'm apparently also 13. my love for the 'bandz has most definitely been an acquired taste, however.

my first encounter with them was at a yuppy lounge in boston, of all places, called lucky's. after a nice dinner with a rat pack-esque man crooning in the background, my gal pals and i wandered over to the more hoppin' bar side, and met a 20-something guy with some curious day-glo colored bands around his wrist. none of us, myself included, had ever seen these strange things before, and my rum and coke-addled brain still didn't fully process the concept until the next day. all i knew was that he got these things "from a girl" (calling chris hansen, anyone?) and decided to play a game. if we could successfully guess which animal would appear when he removed one of the silly bandz from his wrist, he would buy us each a drink. all sounded well and good, except for the fact that after each guess, he would fling the band into the crowded bar in order to avoid paying for our cocktails. to his credit, he eventually gave in and got us beers (le sigh), but i was still intrigued by these strange new accessories.

cut to the boston dew tour a few weeks later, when upon wandering around the "festival village", filled with tweens and crap that no one needs, i was approached by a woman giving out free skateboard silly bandz. now, if this wasn't just the most awesome thing i'd ever seen, i didn't know what was. i put it on my wrist and it was love ever since.

currently, it's still the only one i have as i'm still working up the courage to buy a pack on my own free will. i also just found out that hanson is even selling the friggin' things on their site so you know i'm all up in that. someone reel me back in!

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