Monday, September 13, 2010

shhhh...i'm really 40 years old.

okay, OBVIOUSLY joking, but as my friends will attest, i call myself an "old woman" or say that i'm "40 years old" at least once a week. and a small part of my legitimately often wonders if i was born into the wrong generation. because despite my immense love for 90s boy bands and shows like "boy meets world" those pop cultural-leanings are just about the only connection i feel to my generation as a whole. let me explain.

first, grunge and i are kindred spirits. i still contend that, if i were truly 40, i would have lived through the prime of my teenage years during the 80s hair band craze, and i could have gotten all of the day-glo, acid-wash and aquanet out of my hair (literally) by the time my more mature 20s rolled around. PERFECT. by then, i'd be more into sipping coffee while wearing flannel, dating a kurt cobain lookalike and listening to alice in chains anyways. inexplicably, in complete contrast to my normally bubbly and sunshiney personality, i get so much joy out of listening to "nearly lost you" by screaming trees, acting morose and pretending it's 1992. weird, huh? if only they still made ZIMA...

i also love doing boring old lady things. watching my "programs" while drinking a cup of tea and doing a crossword puzzle in the evening? heaven. okay, maybe this brings me up to somewhere around 80, but stick with me. i still love wilin' out, going dancing and and having a generally grand ol' time, but some nights i want nothing more than to go out to a buffet dinner, pop some apple crisp in the oven, and watch the tube.

add to that the fact that i a) don't go tanning b) usually go out in flats and/or kitten heels no higher than 2 inches and c) truly enjoy cracklin' oat bran, chocolate-covered plum bites and tapioca pudding...and i stand by my argument.

now excuse me, i need to see the end of "chronicle".


  1. You forgot to mention the book club :) -Em

  2. oh YES! how could i forget?? hahaha. and perhaps soon to be 2 book clubs! :)