Tuesday, September 21, 2010

teach me how to dougie.

so, apparently i'm wayyy behind the curve, as i JUST heard about the latest dance craze, "the dougie", a little over a week ago. nevermind that the gal who taught me how to dougie was terribly misguided, as my youtube spree the next day would quickly demonstrate (i guess that's what you get when trying to learn a hip-hop dance in an irish pub in malden). but i don't think the creators of the dougie, a rap group called cali swag district, even know how to do the damn thing! even the "how-to" video, supposedly with a step-by-step tutorial, leaves me going "what are the steps?!"

until i saw the video of chris brown dougie-ing, that is. i don't care how you do it or if there is a way to do it, cali swag district. chris brown's version is the only one i ever wanna know or learn. makes me almost forget that he beat up rihanna. ALMOST. i literally said "ohhh, booooy!" aloud. so for all of you just DYING to learn how to dougie....this is your chance. watch and learn, girls and boys.

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