Wednesday, October 6, 2010

it's fall mix time!

one of my very favorite things to do is make killer playlists and mixes, and after a major musical drought of sorts, i've found myself in love with a bunch of tunes that i wanted to share with y'all. perfect for driving around on these cool fall nights, going apple picking, raking leaves or whatever the hell else you do during this season! so without further adieu, here's "let the whole world turn you on"! feel free to ignore the following narrative and click the link at the bottom to download :)

1. taylor locke & the roughs - "jenny"
i've written about these dudes (and dudette) before, but the roughs' holy-crap-that-was-fast sophomore effort, "marathon", released this week, is quickly becoming one of my favorites of the fall. i was still hooked on their debut, grain & grape! this song has a sweeeet singalong chorus, an 70s-soundin' guitar intro, and mr. locke's rockin' vocal stylings. i'm telling you, ones to watch...

2. the pass - "colors"
OBSESSED with this song. i call tunes like this "repeaters" because i seriously listened to it about 20 times before i had to stop so i wouldn't get sick of it. the pass is an up-and-coming indie rock quartet from good ol' kentucky, and i absolutely adore this ditty because it reminds me a ton of some great bands i listened to a few years ago (gran ronde, parlour boys, the colour). you can also dance to it. dig it!

3. selena gomez - "round & round"
yes, i love teen pop. let's move on. try not to sing along after miss gomez croons "boooooy, i neeeeed you here with meeeeeeeee....". plus, she's better than miley, no?

4. does it offend you, yeah - "dawn of the dead"
i somehow stumbled across this song without knowing who it was by - extremely fortunate, as i'd heard of this band before and i'd immediately dismissed their idiotic name as no one i'd ever want to listen to. turns out, it's an awesome and fun britpop song that does not offend me...yeah.

5. black mountain - "the hair song"
i usually dislike male/female vocals, but these guys are alright by me, and i was very impressed when i saw them live a few years ago. this one is slightly less epic than some of their others, but still has that some killer riffs and a classic rock vibe.'s about hair!

6. faith no more - "falling to pieces"
gotta give props to vh1 classic for bringing this gem into my life. though i already loved "epic", i saw the 90s-tastic video for this one the other day and had to pause my web-surfing to stare in awe and headbang to the irresistible chorus.

7. lil' wayne featuring drake - "right above it"
drake has officially infiltrated every area of my life, so are you surprised that this mix includes him? i mainly just like the line in the chorus "if you ain't runnin' wit it, run from it, motherf***a". gangsta!

8. matt & kim - "cameras"
these two are just adorable, and so is their music. all of their songs, including this one, make you feel like you're strolling down a sidewalk on a sunny day as part of an ipod commercial or something.

9. tokyo police club - "your english is good"
slightly spazzy, with shouty choruses and dancey riffs. who could ask for more?

10. colette carr - "bitch like me"
once i got past the autotune factor, this white-chick rapper from malibu hooked me with this song. the beat is crazy-good and i've always wanted to say things like "this life is toxic/but it's all good, i get money 'cause i talk sick".

11. murdocks - "black jesus knocking"
WHOA rock & roll. these dudes from austin aren't playing around. heavy, dirty, and awesome.

12. the whigs - "so lonely"
this band pretty much summarizes my music taste - catchy choruses, crunchy guitars, sound like they're from the 90s. mmm-mmm-good.

13. the 88 - "they ought to see you now"
remember that "coming home" song from some commercial? well, you know it if you heard it, probably. anyways, that was by this band, who also has some other really good stuff. fun, upbeat power-pop with a hint of soul!

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