Thursday, October 28, 2010

tsssss red hot.

it's that time again, where the perfect storm of awesome things have come into my life and i need to make a hotlist. here. we. go!

1. tim lincecum

umm...i don't know why it took until now for people to alert me of this man, but last night during the world series, i literally got 2 texts from 2 different friends within 5 minutes about how this dude is my boyfriend...err, should be, anyways. let's think about it. skinny, shaggy hair, stonerish, looks sliiiightly like a weasel? gorgeous. AND rich? open proposal right here on my blog, big time timmy jim. if you're reading this, i think we could have something beautiful. le sigh.

2. funny, pop culturally-relevant halloween costumes

to me, there's nothing funnier than halloween get-ups that poke fun at some current event or situation (see steven slater costume, above). besides dressing up as the disgruntled flight attendant, some other ideas are:
- rescued chilean miner (too soon?)
- annoying person with a vuvuzela
- christine o'donnell (witch costume!)

3. jp metz

funniest chick on youtube, hands down. i've been following this gal's videos for a while, but her latest halloween-themed video had me L-ing my A O. watch and laugh!

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