Thursday, June 1, 2017

5 things i love right now

1. the new caffè nero in my neighborhood

just what i needed: another coffee shop to feed my addiction. but i'm a sucker for any cafe with bookcases, fireplaces, or comfy chairs, and this one has ALL THREE. plus, amazing cold brew. i won't disclose how many times i've been there in the past two weeks, but let's just say that i'm almost through a punch card. :| still forever loyal to kickstand, though.

2. this hip-hop group, flatbush zombies

this past weekend at boston calling, i was reminded of an underrated, great part of festivals: actually discovering new artists. while waiting for piebald to start, my friends and i caught the second half of flatbush zombies. from the name, i expected them to be a lo-fi indie band or something. i was immediately hooked -- not only by their dark, aggressive, drugged-out rap, but also their out-of-control energy, intriguing aesthetic (one of them was wearing an iron maiden shirt??), and hilarious stage banter, which included references to seinfeld and good-natured jabs at the crowd. the deal was sealed for me when they brought up a random fan to rap along with them for their last song. he killed it, flying around the stage, filling in the verses at all the right parts, and holding his phone over his head to document it all on social media, of course. it was just a fantastic festival moment and so much fun to watch. and now i can't stop listening to this one song in particular, "trade-off." bump it.

3. this instagram banana artist

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peels and skeeeeels.

4. this donald trump impersonator on america's got talent

america's got talent is the perfect summer guilty pleasure and i have absolutely no shame in admitting that i watch it because it adds a significant amount of joy to my life. on that note, i may have been in a weird mood when i saw this one, but i honestly can't remember ever laughing so hard at an audition even though it's incredibly stupid. apparently bruno mars songs + fake trump = comedy gold?

5. this smoky sweatshirt

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