Sunday, June 25, 2017

an exhaustive list of stuff i'll miss about arlington

i'm moving in just about three weeks, and i've been getting strangely emotional about it. granted, i'm only moving across the river -- from arlington to jamaica plain for you boston locals -- but it might as well be another universe. i've long joked that "there be dragons" in JP and have only spent approximately a few hours in the area ever, so naturally it was time for me to end up there. anyways, i realized that i've been in my current apartment 4 years, which is the longest i've lived in any place with the exception of my childhood homes. i've laughed here, cried here, entertained friends here, passed out from an edible here, hosted suitors of various levels of quality here, and danced around my living room frequently here. i'm excited to explore my new 'hood, but there's definitely quite a bit i'm going to miss about the old one (mostly food-related). so, for posterity ...

- lucas at the dunkin' donuts next door who starts making my coffee as soon as i walk in/always puts my iced coffee in one of the hot cups so it doesn't sweat
- the dunkin' donuts next door in general
- my off-street parking spot
- getting pizza from andrina's/just walking by andrina's and inhaling pizza parlor smell
- the revolutionary war puns at my trader joe's:

- the hippie man with long white hair that has a beautiful white husky that he always lets me pet when they're walking down mass ave
- turkey subs from d'agostino's deli
- the cute old middle eastern man who works at the citgo and smiles/yells hello to me every time i pass by
- this gorgeous red victorian house on the street behind me:

- the leg lamp at the bar at common ground
- saturday mornings at kickstand cafe
- the view of the boston skyline from robbins farm park:

- fish tacos from la victoria taqueria
- walking through a sketchy underpass to get my scorpion maki from sono
- the 77 bus to harvard square (specifically, the fact that the bus stop is a two-minute walk from my apartment)
- the dude with epic blonde dreadlocks that lived next door when i first moved in, who i creeped on constantly
- buying shellacked decorative gourds and apple cider donuts from wilson farm in the fall
- the cross-breeze in my apartment
- my weird, dirty, inexplicable crush on the white trash guy who works at blue ribbon barbeque
- leisurely strolls on the minuteman path
- paul revere road, solely because of its name
- the now-defunct brigham's ice cream shop which probably hadn't been updated since the '60s
- related: ice cream sundae delivery from the scoop and scootery  
- saying/thinking "i see old people" every time i pass by jimmy's steer house
- the all-caps, music-themed graffiti on the sidewalk (i.e. "LED ZEP" and "ABBEY ROAD")
- getting a massive moussaka plate from the greek festival at the church around the corner every year

what are the neighborhood quirks you'd miss if you moved away?

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