Monday, May 15, 2017

good(?) ink

sure, many tattoo aficionados (and artists) are all about beautiful, intricate pieces that are full of meaning and symbolism. i can dig those as well, but personally, my sole criterion for a great tattoo is that it makes me laugh. i mean, i have a damn cheeseburger on my hip and have a second tat planned that's somehow even sillier (it may or may not be an iconic dazed and confused quote). unsurprisingly, my tattoo role model is steve-o from jackass. that said, i decided to scour the internet for some body art that made me chuckle, and these 10 made the cut.

1. chomp.

2. pretty much all of us, right?

3. found him!

4. the colonel knows best.

5. smoke smoke smoke that cigarette.

6. doubtfire forever.

7. i actually took this one myself, coincidentally a few days after i was talking to a friend about how hilarious a tramp stamp of beavis and butthead headbanging would be. close enough.

8.  way better than "thug life."

9. [nerd alert]

10. i'd have gone with "BOOYAH," but this one's pretty fun as far as lip tats go. 

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