Tuesday, July 30, 2013

hiya, hyannis: cape cod weekend

despite living in the northeast for 25+ of my 27 years and in new england for 15+ years, i'd only been to cape cod ONCE before this past weekend. for summer vacations, my family was all about maine and canada; i've been to ogunquit and kennebunkport and ottawa more times than i can remember because my dad always hated the cape traffic. i always thought he was exaggerating.

that is, until it took us 3 hours on friday night to get from my friend's house in andover, massachusetts, to hyannis, massachusetts: a trip that should normally take about 1.5 hours. woof. thank god that the three of us kept each other entertained by talking about TMZ headlines and friends and all that fun stuff that ladies talk about.

but anyways! we had a lovely time once we actually arrived. the weather on saturday was absolutely picture-perfect. we got up early and enjoyed some breakfast at the b&b we were staying at, before walking down to the beach and spending a few hours just sittin' and rotatin'. the afternoon was spent eating lunch and shopping on hyannis' vibrant main street, and taking a little trip down to check out the kennedy compound. we had a pre-dinner drink (vodka/lemonade/iced tea/fresh mint for me) on the patio at a cute place that looked out at the harbor, and grabbed tapas at embargo on main street. we finished the evening with a beer at yet another patio, just watching the bachelorette parties go by. a great little weekend trip, for sure. picture time!


and again

and again

adorable & delicious gelato place, run by a husband & wife.  i got nutella & sea-salted caramel!

he was a QT

kennedy compound

house love
honorary kennedys
more house love 

waterfront drinks

we got the comfy couches!


tapas! pulled pork tacos...

& lobster/chorizo-stuffed quahog!

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