Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 things i love right now

1. this song, "chloe," by emblem3 

so, i've been hearing this song for weeks but never really paid attention to who was singing it until i saw a segment on the local news about how hundreds of tweens and teens showed up to the square one mall in saugus last weekend to see some boy band named emblem3 (lolz). so, because i'm super old, i looked these fellows up and realized that a) i vaguely remembered them from the last season of x factor, and b) i loved this song! then, on about sunday, it fiercely overtook me and i was annoying everyone by randomly shouting "CHLOOOOOE!" i love it even more after reading that it's loosely based on khloe kardashian. heh!

2. root beer floats

TODAY IS NATIONAL ROOT BEER FLOAT DAY!! i found this out today at work because we had make-your-own root beer floats. which is ironic, because i've been randomly obsessing about root beer floats for the past two weeks and finally broke down and made my own this past weekend. prior, i think i'd only had one in my entire life. they're my new thing. nostalgic, yummy, refreshing, and perfect for summer.

3. this song, "jump into the fog," by the wombats

this song is about spending the night with a hooker. but it's so glorious!

4. the 77 bus

when i used to live in boston proper, i was strictly a t (subway) girl. then, when i moved to melrose, i would drive to the t station and park. now, in arlington, i could not resist the intrigue of the 77 bus, which literally picks up right outside of my building. sure, i fell down when i got onto the bus the first time, and got off at the wrong stop, but i'm learning and becoming one of the bus people. i can get to davis, harvard, and porter squares without having to worry about massholes getting all up in my grill OR parking. love it! and there was a cute baby on my last ride that everyone was making faces at. the bus brings people together.

5. this blog (strawberry fields whatever)

my friend gleni introduced me to this great little blog some time last year via a post about dazed and confused, so naturally i fell in love. three girls write about pop culture, music, food, and whimsical fun stuff. they post playlists and cool pictures and it's really just a wonderful read when you want to feel inspired and happy.


  1. glad i stumbled on your blog... i was just saying outloud at work how i was craving a rootbear float! x