Wednesday, July 10, 2013

five things i love right now: home decor edition

sorrrrrrrrry guys, i've been MIA again. i was pretty nonchalant about moving, but as it turns out, i guess it's kind of a big deal.

i still have no cable or internet (this is why i'm writing from the starbucks in my new neighborhood) due to the "historic charm" and terrible wires in my apartment, but that shall all be resolved by next week!

in the meantime, i've been keeping my media-dependent self busy by going out to dinner with friends, exploring my 'hood, and going to see chuck klosterman (well, a signing for his new book, tomorrow). oh, and decorating my apartment. it's not quite all together yet, but here are a few of my favorite items so far.

1. this blue cynthia rowley chair

2. this badass bird lamp

3. this antique kitchen table & chairs

4. this folk art painting of quincy market

5. a charcoal couch (not this one, but it looks similar)

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