Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the vero best

i just got back from a long weekend in vero beach, a quiet little oceanside town that's less than two hours from orlando. i had been last year and fell in love with this hotel, the vero beach hotel and spa, so this year i returned and fell even more in love (if that's possible). it was a great little escape from the daily grind, the weather was perfect, and i enjoyed one of the most fascinating nights of my life there, to boot! highlights:

- the hotel's nightly wine hour. so much wine. fo' free! the first evening, i made the acquaintance of a really sweet british couple who were on "holiday." the next night was like a full-on seinfeld episode, with a possibly insane, fascinating doctor (who has a wikipedia entry and is the subject of a documentary), an awesome older dude from san fran who played guitar, and really some confused canadian couple. at one point, the awesome older dude stood up to make room for another guy. "no no, sit down!" "no, i'm good." "no, sit! i'll bring over a chair." "i'm fine!" "seriously, i'm going to get a chair." "I LIKE STANDING!" this went on for five minutes and i was laughing hysterically. you kind of had to be there. but like i said, seinfeldian. the doctor then told us of how he reversed diseases and how we're supposed to exercise according to lunar cycles idea. but it actually all kind of made sense, at least while i was drunk on chardonnay. he's either the smartest man in the world, or the craziest. or both.

-this adorable restaurant, lemon tree, which has the BEST sandwich i've ever had in my liiiife: sliced chicken breast, bacon, swiss cheese, and guacamole on focaccia...aaaand they serve you complimentary sorbet for dessert! 

-collecting seashells on the beach and bonding with all the other cute seashell-collecting people 

-having mimosas & an amazing blackened mahi mahi sandwich at the hotel brunch on the oceanfront outdoor patio (um, why am i talking about going back to boston again?)

-going to mckee botanical gardens, which was cool as-is, but even cooler because they were showing an exhibit by this glass artist, frabel. pictures below! 

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