Saturday, November 10, 2012

show review: walk off the earth at the social

last night was SO MUCH FUN! as some of you probably recall, upon discovering the viral youtube sensation that was walk off the earth's cover of gotye's "somebody that i used to know" in january of this year, i went through a few-week-long obsession where i pretty much watched it and their other amazing videos all day, err'day. i've since calmed down a bit, but i was able to see WOTE at their sold-out show show here in orlando, and it was legit so magical, guys.


1. i had gotten my ticket, but my friend didn't get a chance to get hers before the show sold out. i had posted on the band's facebook page to see if a fellow fan had an extra ticket, and the super-sweet lady in the band, sarah blackwood, responded and told me to email her. she put me on the guest list (!) and i gave my friend my ticket. SO NICE!

2. the opening band, the mowgli's (above), are my new favorites despite the grammatical incorrectness of their name. they were all fabulous california flower children and i'm sensing that they're ones to watch. great energy and i had total crushes on all the boys in the band. loving their song, "san francisco," which you can check out below.

3. julia nunes followed. i had never heard her music before, and she had a phenomenal voice. she was pretty amusing on stage and sang a song about pizza burning her mouth. in between her set and WOTE's, the dude from the mowgli's came into the crowd and serenaded a birthday girl with an acoustic version of say anything's "alive with the glory of love" (a song about the holocaust, so that was weird).

4. walk off the earth was fanfriggintastic. they played a great mix of their originals & covers,
which included rihanna's "man down," B.o.B.'s "magic," fun.'s "some nights" with julia nunes, and a live re-creation of their video for "the backin' up song." there were confetti and beach balls and balloons released into the audience at several points (loving the chaotic photo i captured of that madness), more than one sing-along, a panoramic crowd shot with the band, and plenty of instrument tossing.


below is the mind-blowing video for their fantastic first major-label single, "red hands," which was shot in one take, and directed by a kid i went to emerson with. the unedited version is worth a watch, too, and basically made my brain explode! i have also been digging their cover of nirvana's "polly," so i threw that on here as well.


  1. I was there Friday night. It was amazing. Do you remember what their opening song was? I thought I heard it before but can't place it.

  2. one of the best shows i've been to! i didn't recognize the song but i read a few days ago that it's called R.E.V.O. & that it will be on their full-length, which comes out next year.