Sunday, October 28, 2012

100 things to do in 2012: month in review

it's been quite an eventful month! in the past two weeks, i've attended the orlando film festival, saw emeril cook at macy's, went to halloween horror nights, and secured a sweet spring internship working doing marketing and PR for the enzian theatre and florida film festival. good times, good times.

29. watch 26 new movies, one for each letter of the alphabet: CONTINUED.
at the orlando film festival, i saw a so-so movie called "five hours south" about an italian cop that tries to make it as a breakdancer, and an awesome movie, "the story of luke," about an autistic 25 year-old trying to make it in the world. the best part? lou taylor pucci, who plays the title character, was there to chat about the movie! i'm a longtime fan, as he was in some other good indies like "thumbsucker" and "the chumscrubber," not to mention an episode of HBO's "girls" (he played the hometown pharmacist). when i shook his hand after the movie, i complimented him on his performance in the show and then felt awkward because i realized that half of his on-screen time was an awkward sex scene. oh well! also, i'm watching "rock of ages" right now and as expected, it's HORRIBLE. the musical is still my favorite thing ever though.

31. go to universal studios: COMPLETED.
i attended halloween horror nights for the first time and it was enjoyable, but FAR too crowded, even on a thursday night. we showed up at 7pm, and made it into a grand total of 3 houses by 2am, in addition to seeing a bill-and-ted-themed theatrical performance. i'm happy i was able to check it off the list, though!

59. successfully submit an essay i wrote to another anthology: SUBMITTED TWO.
sent in an essay i wrote about my 2011 experience at south by southwest to an anthology about young travelers, and submitted one about my european travels to a women's travel writing anthology. hoping to hear back by the end of the year!

77. find one new song that i like each week: COMPLETED.
i made a fun fall playlist with some of my recent favorites. dig it!

78. go completely soda-free for a month: COMPLETED.
this one wasn't extremely hard, since i don't drink soda unless i'm dining out. easy-peasy!


  1. I LOVE Halloween Horror Nights! Lines and all! You just have to go with a good group, expect lines, and have a couple drinks...all is good!

  2. yeah, it was fun! i think the crowds kind of made it less...spooky, though? i still enjoyed myself :)