Tuesday, October 6, 2015

where are they now? do i even care?

you know those d-thru-z-list celebs who occasionally pop into your head, that you don't have the energy and/or interest to research? i've got a bunch. in no particular order, i've wondered what happened to the following folks at some point, but have absolutely no desire to type their name into my google search bar:

da brat

leif garrett

former mtv vj jesse camp:

while we're at it, former mtv vj ray munns:

and, because i'm on an mtv roll, that redhead that co-hosted say what? karaoke with dave holmes (i think her name was laura, but can't even find a picture)


the nerdy guy from can't hardly wait/jack from hook

the boy band 5ive

samantha mumba:

the pizza guy from home alone

christian oliver, who played some cute swiss guy in the babysitters club movie and was in some reincarnation of saved by the bell (i think):

moira quirk, the referee from GUTS



devon gummersall, aka brian krakow from my so-called life

meg white

lou bega

everyone from the ghostwriter cast

evan and jaron:

ryan cabrera

the nerdy guy from sixteen candles who wasn't anthony michael hall or john cusack:

who are your picks?!


  1. Nice. I'd add the rest of the cast of Home Improvement, aside from Tim Allen.

    1. oh, excellent one! i remember reading something a few years ago about how the youngest one (taran noah smith, i believe?) got into some altercation with his wife about their vegan cheese company. weird.

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