Saturday, September 26, 2015

all the fall things

i might be slightly biased, but it really doesn't get much better than fall in new england. leaf-peepin, apple-pickin', cider-sippin' goodness. there are a handful of traditions that make the season feel a bit warmer and cozier. what are the autumnal thangs you simply must do each year to celebrate the season?

eating apple cider donuts and buying gourds from wilson farm

this one's a fairly new activity, as i've only lived wicked close to this epic farmstand for the past 2 years, but oh man. i feel so grown-up when i spend half of my paycheck on useless hot maple toddy candles, little shellacked pumpkins (they're all shiny!), and crisps and pies. aw yeah.

day-trippin' to NH or vermont

while i'm not particularly outdoorsy, as a new hampshire girl, i can appreciate a nice, easy hike up mount monadnock or a woodsy walk through quechee state park. the air's just fresher and the leaves are just better (sorry, mass.)

listening to "so far we are" by the french kicks

i don't know what it is about this song -- it might be that it was my favorite tune when i first moved to boston in september of '06. but every year, around this time, i crave it like a basic bitch craves a pumpkin spice latte. it just sounds like jean jackets and leaves and cuddling with a dude with a beard. right?

searching newbury street for scarves 'n boots

in fact, i might actually do this today. whether or not i buy anything, half the fun is the people-watching, strolling in the crisp air, and treating myself to a hot beverage while i window shop at anthropologie.

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  1. dang, your fall game is strong! In Texas we still have 90 degree weather, so.....there's that.