Sunday, March 29, 2015

the characters on HBO's GIRLS, ranked from best to worst

i just watched the season finale of GIRLS, and got to thinking about how strange it is that i pretty much dislike all of the characters, yet love the show all the same. so, i decided to compile a list of the main characters (according to wikipedia..i wanted to include charlie because i miss him, but he's long gone) and where they fall for me. who do you like? who do you hate?

1. ray

the only one i actually REALLY like. he's so delightfully curmudgeonly and bitter, but also sarcastically funny and the only level-headed person on the entire show. love u, ray bb! FAVE MOMENT:

2. adam

i'm going to get some grief for this one, but you have to admit that adam is the most complex and interesting character on the show, even though he's sort of an asshole like 75% of the time. but above all, he's always honest and tells it like it is. he's a big weirdo, but at least he makes no bones about it.

3. shoshanna

yes, she can be annoyingly chatty and quirky and strange. yet, like ray and adam, she's totally true to herself and honest to a fault. she's also the most innocent of the crew, which is kind of endearing.

4. jessa

she's flaky as hell and makes terrible life choices at times. however, i totally admire her free spirit, "unsmoteable" ways and often wish i could just go with the wind and be as bohemian cool as she is. plus, her accent!

5. elijah

i always love the gay BFF character on any show, but elijah's snarkiness crosses over into pure meanness a bit too often for my taste. i can deal with him in small doses.

6. hannah

ugh. is there anyone who's more self-involved? i know that lena dunham purposely writes the character this way, but she still makes me want to shake her in every episode. prime example: when her e-book editor dies, she asks his wife about the status of her book at his funeral. that's a big. fat. nope!

7. desi

i hate how he calls marnie "babe" all the time and is like a broke-ass version of the dude from "once" and cheated on his girlfriend with marnie, who's even worse than hannah (sorry, spoiler alert?).

8. marnie

can we all agree that she's the most terrible of the terrible people? between her pretentious posturing, obsession with her singing career that's never ever going ANYWHERE, and her homewreckin' behavior, i don't think there's anything she could do to change my mind about her. however, she did give us this scene where she awkwardly covers kanye west's "stronger" at her ex-boyfriend's startup party, which might be my favorite of the entire series. so thanks, marnie!


  1. Stopped watching after the second season (who is this Desi?), but love your take on the characters. The Shoshanna on crack episode was probably my favorite, and I have a soft spot for her for that reason alone...

    1. thanks! desi is marnie's new dude, but charlie was far superior. the crack episode was fantastic, i agree!

  2. Same. I stopped watching after Season Two. As much as I don't like the characters at the same time there is some sweet, sweet relief in knowing that my life isn't that messed up because you do see at lot of Hannahs and Adams in the real world. Hannah is my least favorite, Marnie is just a slight step up although I really liked Alison Williams' role in New Girl.