Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 things i love right now

1. female-fronted garage bands

i'm usually iffy on "chick rock," but there are a couple of groups out there that have recently sparked my interest in the genre. both of these tunes seem perfect for chillin' on a stoop with an ice cream cone and pining over cute boys with your BFFs. the twin river track also has one of the most strangely clever videos i've seen in a while.

bully - "brainfreeze"

twin river - "bend to break"

2. this tank top

whenever i find myself in macy's, i instinctively gravitate towards anything that's part of madonna's clothing line, material girl, without even realizing it (because i'm actually 16 years old). so naturally, upon seeing this incredible spray paint-patterned top, i fell in love and had visions of all of the amazing spring and summer adventures i could have in it. aw yeah.

3. the trailer for montage of heck, the kurt cobain documentary

y'all know i love anything grunge/nirvana/kurt, so clearly this documentary will be a must-see.

4.  ben & jerry's cherry garcia ice cream

can we like, make this a thing again? i've always been partial to phish food and half-baked, but i was in a fruity mood the other night and decided to branch out to another classic. cherries, chocolate, and a nod to a rock legend? all about it.

5.  brandy melville

i made my first visit to this store in rome a few years ago. while i was immediately confused by its one-size-fits-all approach, i was also infatuated with its california cool apparel. now that there's one in boston, i get to spend way too much money on impractical crop tops, tees that say "RADICAL," and big plaid flannel shirts. yes!

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