Saturday, February 7, 2015

show i love: hindsight


i've been spreading the gospel of hindsight to my friends since i watched the first episode over a month ago, so i figured i'd tell the internet about it.

it's no secret that i'm obsessed with all things '90s, and often feel like i'm a misplaced member of gen-x. i mean, one of the best days of my life was the one where i got to see buffalo tom and the lemonheads perform on boston common for free. so when i heard about a show that revolved around the idea of a woman being transported (via elevator??) back to 1995, i was all in immediately.

surprisingly, the writing and acting are actually quite good, and all of the characters are interesting and relatable, so it's not even a guilty pleasure by any stretch. the soundtrack is spot-on (toadies! alanis! REM! dishwalla!). plus, john patrick amedori plays the main character's shaggy stoner brother -- the one in the trailer that assures her it is indeed 1995 -- and i'm completely and totally in lust with him. unf. if you're reading this, JPA, call me.

but back to the point. please watch this amazing show. it's on vh1. wednesdays at 10, though i watch it on demand because workaholics/broad city obviously takes priority over everything. i'm sure you can find it illegally on the internet, too.

that's all i've got, so i'm gonna go listen to some spacehog and buy some doc martens now.

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