Wednesday, January 21, 2015


now, for something completely different. i may have been all gung-ho on winter a few weeks ago, but i've moved on and i'm ready for sunshine and warm weather once again. since i have a waaaays to go 'til things warm up (and i go to vegas in april!), i decided to bring the summer vibes here.

we've got the perfect soundtrack:

oh my god, i've rediscovered this song in a big way in the past few days. it was my jam at age 16, and no matter what mood i'm in or how old i get, it never fails to transport me to a boardwalk where i'm eating cotton candy and wearing cut-offs. dig it.

aaaaaand some sweet treats:

can't forget the waves:

and one of those tacky t-shirt shops, for good measure:

your turn! what would you bring to the party?

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