Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 things i love: boston winter edition

if you couldn't tell by the flood of iPhone weather screenshots, it's cooooooooold here in the northeast. i'm hunkered down with a blanket, some coffee, my favorite candles, my wax warmer, my flannel PJs, uhhh you get the idea. but it got me thinking about some of my favorite things to do 'round here when the temps drop and drop and drop and drop.

1. drink hot chocolate at max brenner and LA burdick

if you hate hot chocolate, i feel bad for you, son. there are only a handful of both max brenner and LA burdick locations in the whole country, and the boston area is blessed to host both chains. while both provide top-notch cocoa and ambiance to boot, i've gotta hand it to max brenner because of their adorable hug mugs. also, i made the mistake of ordering a large hot chocolate at burdick a few weeks ago, and almost fell into a chocolate coma on newbury street because it was so rich. but i mean, if i had to fall into a coma, a chocolate one would probably be the best kind, eh?


for once, i didn't steal anyone's photos for this one! that's my very own hug mug from a visit to max brenner, and what i like to call a "where's waldo selfie" at LA burdick. 

2. shop for weird vintage jackets and scarves at oona's and raspberry beret

the only thing better than wearing a cute sundress or romper that belonged to some random, strange person is wearing a fur coat or a fluffy patterned scarf that belonged to some random, strange person. y'all know that i am all about secondhand stuff, and thus completely unfazed by all of the odd smells and other unknowns ... perhaps disturbingly so. but anywho, you can find some true gems at oona's in harvard square and raspberry beret in porter square, from big jackets to cute hats and all sorts of other winter wear. plus, how can you NOT love a place named after a prince song?

3. watch people fall down while ice skating at the frog pond

am i a bad person? i mean, i do love watching great skaters do their thang, too. but as someone that has only been on ice skates a few times in her life -- and spent most of those times flat on her ass -- i've just gotta sympathize (while chuckling) with the poor souls that chose to show off their skills (or lack thereof) right there in the middle of boston common. we're laughing with you!

4. eat mac & cheese at the publick house 

ugh, i wish i lived closer! their beer menu is killer, but i come for the mac & cheese. you get your choice of add-ins, which include shrimp, scallops, lobster, and short rib. 'nuff said. 

5. get cozy with a cocktail at JM curley

i'm actually obsessed with this bar. and it's in downtown crossing, so that's saying a lot. from my first visit, when the insanely hot bartender lit my friend's and my drink ON FIRE with a match in his mouth, i was sold. whew, sorry, still get a little flushed thinking about that moment a year later. aside from the drink pyrotechnics and eye candy behind the bar, it's got a super-cozy neighborhood vibe and they have yummy cocktails and an amazing food menu (ramen lasagna, huhhh). plus, they give you bacon-y popcorn! great great great.


  1. There is such a thing as hot chocolate bars?!?! I love your own photo of the Hug Mug btw and how can it possibly legal to be smooth enough light a cocktail on fiyah using a match in YOUR MOUTH? That's insane.

    1. pretty amazing, huh? the world is a wonderful place sometimes! :)