Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 things i love right now

1. dunkin' donuts brown sugar cinnamon coffee

believe it or not, i worked at a dunks when i was 19. it was somewhat character-building (i have so much respect for food service workers), somewhat cool (unlimited free coffee AND donuts, fo' real), and somewhat horrifying (i worked the 5am-11am shift, during which i had to make change for my smirking high school crush while wearing a visor and uniform 10 sizes too big for me). BUT I DIGRESS.

my point is that the only things that grossed me out a little bit were the coolatas and the flavor syrups. they just weren't my scene. but these days, i actually live next door to a dunkin' donuts -- my apartment building's parking lot smells like heaven. on a recent visit, i happened to notice a sign advertising a new brown sugar cinnamon flavor, and decided to face my aversion head on. it was glorious! it's all warm and cozy and a perfect pick-me-up for the dead of winter when i look solely to my morning joe to provide me with happiness and caffeine. 

2. rediscovering this mtv special, 25 lame

the year was 1999. chris kattan, denis leary, janeane garofalo, and jon stewart gathered together in an MTV studio to riff on the worst music videos of all time, and magic was made. VHS was still our device of choice, and you best believe that 13 year-old me "taped" this special and watched it until i accidentally recorded over it with making the band or limp bizkit's diary episode or some bull. i thought i'd never see it again, until a few years ago when a wonderful, wonderful person uploaded almost all of it to youtube. something made me think of it the other day, and i still cry from laughter every single time i watch. if you've ever seen the clip of vanilla ice destroying his own video, it's from this. one of my personal favorites, however, was the rico suave bit.  enjoy!

3.  the house fund wallet from modcloth

how did modcloth know that i just started house-hunting and need something cute to keep my funds in? but, um, i feel like this should be a piggy bank or something. because i usually spend the money in my wallet ...

4. this song, "temple," by kings of leon

at first, i loved KOL. then, right around the time i saw them in concert and "use somebody" was hitting hard, i started to hate them. and then "sex on fire" came out and i was just like "SERIOUSLY?". but i've gotta admit, they've redeemed themselves with their latest album, mechanical bull. 92.9 has been playing this one a lot lately and it's just a fun, solid tune. you're alright again in my book, kings.

5. this mug

...and oprah. and anyone else you admire. go get it!

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  1. I feel the same about KOL. Glad to hear they've swung back around the opposite direction.