Sunday, December 18, 2011

a hug in a mug: max brenner hot chocolate

since i'm home for winter break in new hampshire, i finally got the chance to make my first visit back to boston since july. despite the absolutely FREEZING temps, it felt so great to be back. and actually, the cold weather led me to warm up in max brenner, a chocolate cafe known worldwide for their hot cocoa, before a night out in the city with some friends. despite it being early on a saturday evening, i was able to snag a small table near the bar. the environment is comfy-cozy and inviting, with warm, um, chocolatey tones and soft lighting throughout the restaurant.

while they offer several varieties of hot chocolate, including mexican spicy, italian, and swiss, i went with the milk chocolate "melting marshmallow" cocoa. it came in what the folks at MB call a "hug mug", with no handles so you can drink it with two hands (see photo above). and yes, it had that many marshmallows in it. the verdict? best hot choc i've ever had. unfortunately, the only u.s. locations thus far are in NYC, boston, vegas, and philly, so for now it'll just have to be a special treat. and at $5.95 a cup, i can't really afford for it to be more than that...but it was SO worth it. get yo' chocolate on!

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