Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring mix! (not the salad.)


i decided that now that the weather here is remotely starting to resemble normal spring conditions (well, except for today - rainy and like 40. COOL!) i would put together a fun lil' mix to listen to with the windows down and the stereo up. listen to it here, and see below to find out what the hell you're listening to.

1. foster the people - helena beat
a fun lil' song that i came across somewhere or another on the internet. kind of bummed now that i didn't see these guys at sxsw since they played like 20 billion times. also, i think this tune's about suicide, but it's soooo catchy!

2. hollerado - juliette
i did see these guys at sxsw, and they were the best band by far. their music is just as fun as their live show, and this song immediately stuck in my head after their set. love it!

3. fabolous-you be killin' em
f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s. i love this man. "they say she a dime, i say she underrated." indeed.

4. smith westerns - weekend
i hate that this band's combined age is like, twice mine or something (that didn't work out as i'd hoped...) but basically they're like 19 years old and f-ing awesome. that riff!

5. gold motel - perfect in my mind
fronted by a chicky from the hush sound, i caught this girl...and guys in austin. even though i already had this LP on my itunes, seeing their set prompted me to actually give it a good listen. this song is super-sweet and perfect for a sunny spring day.

6. craig david f/ mos def - seven days (premier remix)
FUN FACT: nate dogg (RIP) does not sing the beginning of this song - it's apparently craig david imitating him. neato, huh? anyways, i pretty much just miss craig david and needed a reason to bring this, the best remix EVER, back. first heard it in high school at our little dance recital thing as dewds breakdanced to it. aw yeah.

7. biters - melody for lovers
this song reminds me of something i still can't put my finger on, but i dig it. singalong melody, chugging guitars, and all that jazz.

8. olympic hopefuls - holiday
an old time favorite from, oh, 2005 or so. it just reminds me of lemonade and sunshine and happy times.

9. all time low - hello brooklyn
pure pop-punk perfection. i don't even care, ever since itunes genius recommended this song to me, i've trusted its wisdom over most of my friends. give it a listen and tell me you won't be singing this 2 hours from now.

10. wiz khalifa - roll up
oh wiz, you so tricky. no, i'm not including this song because of today's date. in fact, this song is about ROLLING get his shorty. what a good man.

11. sheepdogs - i don't know
creedence-y, old-fashioned rock. i'm a fan.

12. the rocket summer - hey!
what would a happy spring mix be without an appearance from the happiest man in the world? makes me want to just run outside and frolic.

13. little jackie - the world should revolve around me
formerly imani coppola ("legend of a cowgirl", anyone?), this gal's album is soulful and spunky. get into it!

14. ashley parker angel - i'm better
YES, that would be the ashley parker angel from boy band o-town. he had a solo album that took up residence in my ipod for a good portion of the summer of '06. you'd love this song if i never told you who sang it though. ILU APA.

15. make out - i don't want anyone that wants me
i'm still scared to look up a picture of the lead singer of this band. she's either a super-hot punk chick or a snaggle-toothed cougar. either way, i love her voice and the badassness of this ditty.

16. air traffic - charlotte
upbeat brit pop that will have you singing along by the end. swear.

17. american bang - wild and young
as i've mentioned before, i like this guys better than kings of leon for some reason. probably due in part to the fact that i'm still fangirling over the lead singer. but seriously....they're legit.

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