Sunday, April 3, 2011

100 things to do in 2011: month in review.

march, you were pretty friggin' awesome, i must say. the good news just kept on coming, including finding out that an essay i submitted for an essay anthology about madonna was selected to be published. :) not on any of my lists, but awesome nonetheless! i also knocked a good chunk of the 100 off as well...check it!

1. go to south by southwest: COMPLETED.
as you saw from my last post, i finally made longtime dreams come true last month by going to sxsw. i'm still having withdrawals from margaritas and patios. le sigh!

13. see 50 new movies: CONTINUED.
i'm really gonna need to pick up the pace if i want to complete this goal by the end of the year. my attention span has been like -5, and so the only new movie i saw in march was the lukewarm "take me home tonight". i did like the funny fat guy, though.

14. dine at 50 new restaurants: CONTINUED.
when i wasn't chowing down on free noms during the day, sxsw helped me experience a bunch of new restaurants, like chupacabra cantina (delish pulled pork and chicken tacos), the old pecan street cafe (super-rich seafood crepes), hickory street bar and grill (well i just got a burger, but i also crossed #84 off here) and the famous stubb's bbq (so much meat).

randomly, the only other new places i ate at in my neck of the woods were in somerville's davis square...johnny d's for an amazing brunch, and redbones, a bbq joint which i've been trying to go to FOREVER. oh, and i did go to KO prime for restaurant week, where i tried quail egg and foie gras powder (new foods #2 & #3)

18. visit 1 new state: COMPLETED.
i don't know if everything is bigger in texas, but there are a lot of brown bricks. i think i need to see the other major TX cities before fully forming an opinion, but austin wasn't quite what i expected it to be (my expectation: falling madly in love and already living there by now).

24. see 10 bands live: BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER.
almost 40 bands at sxsw. 'nuff said.

61. make $1,000 in freelance: CONTINUED.
just added up my haul from this month's homerun work and march alone = $255, bringing the total so far to $390. not too shabby.

74: play a board game: COMPLETED.
i just realized when reviewing the list that i did this on friday night. my roomie had some work friends over for a poker game, except only one of them actually played poker. so we ordered pizza and drank wine and played balderdash. good, clean fun. except for the "law" question that asked us to finish the phrase "in an illinois state park, it is illegal to give...." i mean, come on. you're thinking that too.

84. eat fried pickles: COMPLETED.
hickory street bar & grill in austin was not messing around - they had damn fried pickle SPEARS. none of this dill chip crap. sure, we waited like 40 minutes for them for some reason, but it was worth it.

92. visit a historic landmark: COMPLETED.
on a random detour to try and find a "pop-up" show in downtown austin that had apparently already happened, gleni and i ended up right in front of the state capitol building. picture-taking ensued. good enough for me!

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