Thursday, January 6, 2011

whoaaa rock & roll!

keeping it simple this week. i've been in a down 'n' dirty rock & roll mood and have been discovering & rediscovering some great tunes. get yo' grit on!

the parlor mob - "can't keep no good boy down"

i first heard these dudes the other night while looking at some of the bands that are lined up for this year's sxsw, and kind of wondered where they've been all my life. love it!

bona roba - "the slip"

this was one of one of my favorite songs way back in '06, when i was turned onto rockstar inxs contestant neal carlson. turns out he had a great rolling stones-y band called bona roba, which coincidentally included lady gaga's current boyfriend luc carl. RANDOM!

rock 'n' roll soldiers - "anthem"

unfortunately, the memory i associate with this song is feeling badass and happy as i listened to it in the car, leaving my morning shift at dunkin' donuts when i was 19. still good though!

injected - faithless

a good 1/8 of my sophomore year of high school was spent trying to convince everyone that these guys were good. i still believe it!


  1. i'm so down to see the parlor mob!

  2. yessss! they seem like they'd put on a fun show. let's just hope they aren't that popular... :)

  3. The title of this blog post comes from a video we watched in physics class in 12th grade. Love it.

  4. hahaha LOVE that you also remembered that. it'll stick with me foreva-eva.