Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i hate myself for lovin' you

for some reason, i've noticed a pattern in my life: i tend to like people that the general public hates/strongly dislikes. not just happens, somehow. especially with celebrities that notoriously annoy people. i like to think i have a pretty good perception of people in general, so i can spot a good egg under some grease and douchiness. are there any celebs/people you love that anyone else hates? here are some of my examples:

1. david spade

talk all the ish you want, this man is hilarious. ever since i saw him on the tonight show describing how he saved a drowning gardener from his pool in hysterical detail, i've been a fan. so good!

2. kevin federline

i've always had a soft spot for k-fed...especially after he split from britney and went on celebrity fit club all fat 'n' bloated. i think he's a slightly misguided, slightly trashy, nice man who needs a second chance. oh. i was also the only person to like his "song", popozao, and would blast it in my suite sophomore year of college. po-po-po-po!

3. vienna girardi

moving down the list in terms of fame, i loved this "bachelor" winner from the first episode when everyone was talking trash and calling her fake. okay, her boobs were clearly surgically enhanced, but chicky kept it real until the end. i hate most girls too, so i can't blame her for doing her thing and letting haters hate. and remember months later, when she and jake the snake were on tv? HE was the crazy one, not her.


  1. Angelina was my fave on Jersey Shore and I'm sad she's gone. "UM HELLO??!"

  2. hahaha, perfect! just as long as you don't like sammi. awful.

  3. I'm totally down with the David Spade. It doesn't even bother me that I could break him in two over my my sleep.....with one arm behind my back.....with my eyes cl...oh, you get the idea. lol

    Besides, smart and funny are SOOOOOO hot!