Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 in review and 2021 goals

in this strangest of years, i didn't do as much as i would have liked—who did?— but here's the big stuff that happened in brief. i: took a solo trip to LA, got laid off, co-wrote a book, made my own ice cream, baked a LOT, got another tattoo (see below), got another job, and adopted a cat.

since a tiny sliver of hope is on the horizon, i'm remaining optimistic and came up with 21 pretty realistic to-dos for '21. i'd love to hear your goals for what's hopefully a better year ahead. 

1. successfully release my first book!

2. book an international trip


4. host a celebratory dinner party

5. take a french class

6. place a piece somewhere i've never been published before

7. see a movie in a movie theater

8. read 20 books

9. have an indulgent, expensive, delicious meal *inside* of a restaurant

10. renew my passport

11. write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

12. make a new friend

13. find out my blood type

14. play the lottery

15. make a collage

16. learn a dance routine

17. chill in a hammock

18. stay in a beach house or cabin

19. compliment a stranger 

20. visit the site of a scene from a movie or tv show

21. make pralines

and here are some best-of 2020 lists...

favorite books:

and now we have everything: on motherhood before i was ready by meaghan o'connell

oona out of order by margarita montimore

spinster by kate bolick

my misspent youth by meghan daum

acid for the children by flea

seinfeldia: how a show about nothing changed everything by jennifer keishin armstrong

we are never meeting in real life by samantha irby

alright alright alright: the oral history of richard linklater's dazed and confused by melissa maerz

favorite movies:

banana split

in a relationship

the king of staten island

straight up

favorite tv shows:

looking for alaska


the circle

high fidelity

little fires everywhere

being erica

emily in paris (it made me happy, sue me)

favorite albums: 

(if you missed my favorite songs post, that's here.)

(also, harry styles would be included if his album wasn't technically released in 2019.)

the strokes - the new abnormal

momma - two of me

machine gun kelly - tickets to my downfall

hockey dad - brain candy

best coast - always tomorrow

gateway drugs - PSA

pope- the lunchbox EP

random miscellaneous things i loved:

discovering the best dancer i've ever seen in those choreography videos, a french timothée chalamet doppelgänger named andy daveiga

the reply all podcast episode "the case of the missing hit"

the heavyweight podcast episode "bobby"

this documentary about '80s malls on youtube, mall city

dakota johnson's architectural digest house tour:

2020 goals in review:

1. get another tattoo: DONE

third tattoo's a charm? i took the plunge in july, after isolation made me nutty and i was struck with a major case of tattoo fever. i got the three of wands from the wild unknown tarot, which is all about adventure and exploration and life's magic, on my right inner bicep. i absolutely love this description of it:

Three wands are bound together, forming an inverted triangle. As you gaze into the center, you see a rainbow swirl. Is this a vortex? Another dimension? The future? Or something else entirely? That is for you to find out.

Branches jut out from the wands, they stand in contrast to the perfectly pruned wands we saw in the previous card. There is a juxtaposition in this card of structure and liberation: the wands come together to form a cohesive shape, yet the wands themselves are rugged, not perfectly manicured. These wands are free-spirited, yet also collected.

The background is filled with horizontal black lines, indicating a stable energy. This lack of flashiness draws your full attention to the wands, and above all else, to the colorful vision at the center. The swirling rainbow beckons you to leave behind the drab, colorless surroundings and explore all the magic life has to offer!

You are a visionary if you let yourself be one. You can look beyond obstacles. You can see beyond the mundane world. Endless terrain is out there for you to explore, if only you choose to say YES. The Three of Wands offers you a chance to survey the landscape around you. You need not rely on someone else’s map – you are exploring the wilderness for yourself, charting it according to your experience, your interpretation. 

Your future is a blank canvas – and all the colors of the rainbow are available for you to create your experience going forward. There is no guarantee of exactly what you’ll find as you continue your explorations. Magic and wonder abound, yes – but illusions and setbacks are part of the journey, as well.

Some structure is useful, so give yourself a moment to survey your inner and outer landscape. The Three of Wands is about trusting your gut, but it’s also about surveying the energies around you. It is about action, yes – but it is about the kind of action that is born of intention, not impulse. The paradox here is you can only do so much planning and intention setting – eventually, you’ve just got to venture on and see where this portal takes you. 

7. get a photo taken with a celebrity: DONE

and in the first three weeks of the year, to boot! i met hilary duff on the first friggin' night of my LA vacation in january, which was just about the only bright spot in this horrid year. lizzie mcguire forever.

11. meet an internet friend IRL: DONE

also in LA, i met my longtime twitter friend heather at the butcher, the baker, the cappucino maker, where we got colorful lattes and chatted for hours.

14. publish 10 humor pieces: PARTIALLY DONE

my brain was broken for most of the year, because...2020, but i managed to squeak out these three:

naughty post-isolation fantasies (mcsweeney’s)

the bigger picture: to all the panda express employees i've ghosted before

slackjaw: introducing xjessicax, the emo american girl doll

i also self-published a few essays: 

death by digital

time to make the donuts

how to live alone

16. make pizza from scratch: DONE

not the cutest, but i had fun making it, at least.

17. buy myself flowers: DONE

let's hear it for trader joe's $3 bouquets, y'all! 

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