Wednesday, April 15, 2020

5 things i love right now

1. this video about explaining the pandemic to your past self

imagine trying to prepare your january 2020 self for the absolute shitshow this year would become in just a matter of weeks. such a clever concept and i absolutely lost it at the walk part!

2. this new yorker piece about the strokes

...slash basically everything happening with the strokes right now, because we need them more than ever. their new and extremely perfectly-titled album the new abnormal, is their first in seven years. y'all, i love it so much i could cry. behind is this it and room on fire, it's probably tied with first impressions of earth and i might like it even more than that one, but i haven't decided yet. in particular, i've listened to "eternal summer" 2000 times since friday. each time, i close my eyes and start dancing like lena dunham in that GIRLS scene set to robyn. then, i imagine listening to it when this living nightmare is at least somewhat over (please, god, sometime this summer) with a cocktail in hand and surrounded by friends and weeping tears of gratitude for the simple pleasures in life and julian's impeccable falsetto.

there's also their hilarious zoom chat series, in which nick can't remember their songs, jules looks like he's in a teenage boy's room, fab is killing it with one liners while trapped in a painting, albert is albert, and nikolai doesn't speak. so good.

but oh yes, this piece! i love this piece. it explains all of the reasons i've loved the strokes since i was 16 and will continue to love them forever. an excerpt:

The Strokes’ music makes everything feel less high-stakes. This might be why it sounds so good in an emergency. Nothing is ever so unbearable that it can’t be shrugged off. People arrive and depart, relationships begin and fracture, things are lost, parties get boring—whatever.

3. this cute dress i might buy to celebrate when we can leave our houses again

4. this spice girls cover by the struts

along with friday night livestream living room concerts from my man kevin griffin (better than ezra), the struts' "sunday service" youtube episodes are getting me throooough the quarantine. and this unexpected (but delightful) cover of "stop" was something i didn't know i needed until it happened. those dance moves! can someone please tell me how the hell i remembered ALL of the words instantly when i probably haven't heard this song in over 20 years? brains are weird, bro.

5. this incredibly accurate tweet

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