Sunday, February 9, 2020

5 things i love right now

1. this starbucks drink, the almondmilk honey flat white

it is RARE for me to be extremely into any starbucks drink (dunkin' 4 lyfe) but i'm making an exception for this absolutely delightful new beverage. lately, i've been in the bad habit of "needing" an afternoon coffee, and i'm no coffee snob, but our office machine is just unpalatable. can't do it. combine this with the fact that i try any and all new weird food and drink and here we are. it's a little creamy, a little sweet, a little nutty, and the espresso balances everything out nicely. plus, it's relatively healthy for a 'bucks drink, so it's got that going for it, too.

2. this singer, briston maroney

well...i've been into him since january and i know i've already turned a few of y'all onto this dude, but i'm still going strong, so i wanted to share the love. the first time i heard his latest, "steve's first bruise," i had one of those "where has this guy been all my life?!" moments and retroactively declared it my favorite song of 2019 (uh, to myself). it's one of those rare tunes that demands that you pay attention to it the whole way through, from the stark beginning to the raucous end and the rises and falls in between. the rest of his songs are actually quite a bit more low-key (i highly recommend "freakin' out on the interstate" and "small talk") but that voice! and the way he uses it! and he's only 21! go, briston, go.

3. this piece about being ghosted before being ghosted was a thing

so poignant. so perfect. chef's kiss.

4. this choreography set to harry styles' "adore you"

the only thing better than dancing to harry styles songs? watching really really good dancers dancing to harry styles songs, of course. so smooooth! and ugh, the chemistry between kaycee rice and sean lew. yes, when you watch these routines as much as i do, you start to know the dancers' names. it's fine.

5. these relaxing videos of people walking around cities in the rain 

so i never really understood the whole ASMR thing and still don't completely, but what i do know is that these videos i recently discovered of people walking around in the rain are soooo relaxing and pretty. i especially love this one in beacon hill, and then i read the comments from people all around the world talking about how beautiful it looks and my heart felt so full because it IS beautiful here! there are also some really good new york ones, too:


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