Sunday, December 30, 2018

2018 in review and 2019 goals


the bad:
  • got food poisoning on new year's eve, which spurred some bizarre digestive issues for like three months, including intolerances to bananas and honey(???)
  • felt stuck in an awful job that i hated from pretty much day 1
  • found out that my dad had to have a very serious, very rare open-heart surgery in cleveland
  • drama with "friends"
  • saw a mouse in my apartment
  • bourdain :( :( :( :(
the good:
  • started taking probiotics every day and all of the digestive weirdness is gone (reader, i type this to you while reveling in the delight of a peanut butter, banana, AND honey sandwich)
  • went zip lining at mount washington
  • was featured on mashable for my google arts & culture app selfie-painting match for some reason
  • took a street photography class and got to exhibit some of my work during JP open studios 
  • quit my awful job without a backup plan in nearly-cinematic fashion in february, freelanced for a bit, and found a full-time job that i absolutely love as a copywriter in downtown boston, working with great people 
  • no more fake friends! 
  • witnessed shaun white winning his THIRD OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL
  • while freelancing, got to visit the world's first robotic restaurant before it opened and go on an all expenses paid trip to vegas—one of my favorite cities—for a new york magazine/visit las vegas piece 
  • took day/weekend trips to providence, block island (during which i rode a bike for the first time in years), and portland
  • was so relieved and grateful my dad's surgery went extremely well and he's doing great: back to running and skiing already!
  • moved from jamaica plain—which was too far from just about everywhere i spend my time—back to my former town of arlington, into a beautiful, historic, renovated apartment that i still can't believe i live in. and haven't seen any more mice since mouse-proofing it!

  • went to three wonderful weddings, for my cousin and two dear friends
  • got to visit the rock and roll hall of fame and a christmas story house in cleveland
  • saw a lot of live music (the obsessives, the wombats, say anything, savoir faire, love strangers, beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion, walk off the earth, tancred, paramore, sandy (alex) g, portugal. the man, the killers, jenny lewis, the monsieurs, the struts, foo fighters, cloves, greta van fleet, honey cutt, bully, bass drum of death, hanson, the courtneys, ratboys, and soccer mommy) 

i wrote a grand total of 170 pieces this year, excluding everything i wrote for my full-time jobs. that's 77 news articles (PSFK), 64 travel blog posts (drive the nation and hotelcoupons), 20 personal blog posts, 4 humor pieces (2 self-published, 1 for the bigger picture, 1 for little old lady comedy), 3 feature articles (the outline, fodor's travel, new york mag), and 2 essays (self-published on medium). not too shabby!

favorite things that i wrote:

the 9 best offbeat museums to visit in las vegas (NY mag)

hypothetical craigslist missed connections for famous women in history (the bigger picture)

a day in the life of a knight at medieval times dinner theater (little old lady comedy) 

revisiting the best summer of all time (blog post)

a day in providence, rhode island (blog post)

favorite things that i read:


"fifty candles" by wendi aarons

"the end of authenticity" by zander nethercutt

"greta van fleet, pitchfork, and licking whiskey off a bathroom floor" by hutch harris

"yoga for masochists" by dave powers

"neighbor bro smashes my romantic fantasy" by rebecca woodward


astral weeks: a secret history of 1968 by ryan h. walsh

meet me in the bathroom: rebirth and rock and roll in new york city 2001-2011 by lizzy goodman



already covered these in my last post!

  • soccer mommy: clean
  • donovan wolfington: WAVES
  • kurt vile: bottle it in
  • greta van fleet: anthem of the peaceful army
  • stephen malkmus & the jicks: sparkle hard
  • flatbush zombies: vacation in hell
music videos:

"freaky friday" - lil' dicky f/ chris brown (DON'T @ ME IT'S GREAT)

"loading zones" - kurt vile

choreography videos: 

travis scott's "sicko mode" by julian deguzman

UNK's "walk it out" by willdabeast adams


call me by your name
queer eye
love, simon
happy anniversary
the good place

...but i'm always behind, so i still haven't seen eighth grade or bohemian rhapsody or roma or anything i probably should have seen by now


considering that i only accomplished a measly 11 out of the 40 items on this year's list, i decided to go easy on myself this year and pare things down to a more reasonable amount.

1. do 1 activity per week that allows me to meet new people
2. take 2 classes
3. bake 32 desserts (or breads, whatever)
4. volunteer 4 times
5. place 52 humor pieces or essays
6. take 64 trips (at least 1 international)
7. watch 75 new tv shows
8. take 8 dance classes
9. try 97 new dinner recipes
10. read 108 books

carryovers from last year's list that would be fun to do:

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