Sunday, July 1, 2018

5 things i love right now

1. hanging plants!

more specifically, this hanging plant in my new apartment (because there were already hooks in the foyer molding so it was meant to be), but also just hanging plants in general. i'm starting small, but obviously my eventual goal is to just end up with a situation like the one below. ALL OF THE PLANTS.

2. this show, sweetbitter

i have to hurry up and watch the rest of the episodes that have aired by, like...tonight, because it's on starz and i don't get starz, but they're having a free preview weekend and i was hooked after one episode. it's based on a book, and follows a 20-something who moves to new york and gets a waitressing job at a super-fancy restaurant. drama, intrigue, sex and drugs follow, natch. i love the characters, and i think it's because some of them vaguely remind me of the people i met during my summer working at an irish pub here in boston during college. if you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know that they're a special breed. memories!

3. rediscovering "best song ever" by one direction

yes, this song is 5 years old and i was obsessed with it during that summer, too. but the other day, right as i got into my car, the DJs on the morning show on JAMN 94.5 (which is a hip-hop station, making this even weirder) started playing it and singing along. i'd been in a bit of a funk, but let me tell you, by the time they got to harry's "through the doors and past the guards (ow!)" i was on cloud nine, belting it at full volume. then i looked up the video again later and it's such silly, carefree fun. i don't care if you're eight years old or 80 years old, this shit is pure sunshine, and we could all use more sunshine in our lives these days.

4. these snackable marshmallows, smashmallows

ever see weird new shit in the grocery store and wonder who on earth would buy it? the answer is me. i buy it, which is why i desperately need an adult and shouldn't ever be left unattended at wegmans. but on a whim, i ended up with these guys the other day (in the cinnamon churro flavor, because there are different varieties that include mint chocolate chip and cookie dough). they're SO GOOD! and fortunately, just one is the perfect little snack, as promised by the label. they're also non-GMO or whatever in case you care about being "healthy," but i'm guessing you don't if you're also entertaining the idea of buying snackable marshmallows.

5. pictures of joey ramone holding a cat

because strangely, there are more than one. fun fact: i was wearing my road to ruin t-shirt the other day (which i've had since 2003, YIKES) and as i was ordering my lunch at a cafe, the cashier goes "for here or to go? and can you please sing a verse of rock 'n roll high school?" i managed to squeak out "i just wanna have some kicks, i just wanna get some chicks" which is technically not a verse, but i was so caught off-guard! this is why i rarely wear band t-shirts in public.


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  2. Pretty impressed. I would have barely eeked out the chorus.