Sunday, May 6, 2018

i also refuse to title THIS post "netflix and chill"

ohhh, just some hot takes. what have you been watching lately?

queer eye (netflix)

honestly, until i saw that the reboot was available on netflix, i had totally forgotten about the original and that's a damn shame because it was fantastic. while i don't think any fab five can quite replicate the magic of carson, ted, thom, kyan, and jai, this iteration does a pretty great job ... and also made me cry approximately 10x more than the first one. in particular, the first episode, when "redneck" tom tried to win back his ex-wife, abby. while grooming expert jonathan is admittedly a little "extra" (LOL @ the video below), all of their hearts are in such a good place and it's feel-good fun.

everything sucks! (netflix)

as a bonafide '90s freak, i had really, really high hopes for this one. unfortunately, it was less freaks and geeks, and more ... well, i don't know, but it was really, really lame. the acting was atrocious, the references were super heavy-handed. there was this one scene in particular, where one of the characters made a music video for the object of his affections, that i had to shut off halfway through because it was so awful and cringeworthy. i know it was kind of supposed to be, but it was just. too. much. long story short, i was decidedly not into it after a handful of episodes. don't @ me!

crashing (HBO)

such a hidden gem. i'd never heard of this guy, pete holmes, before i started watching, but he's a stand-up comedian who created the mostly-autobiographical show about starting over after he catches his wife cheating on him. comedian cameos abound, from artie lange to TJ miller and john mulaney, and pete's christian upbringing adds an amusing twist and an aw-shucks innocence to his perspective and encounters.

when we first met (netflix)

a much cheesier, more low-budg 500 days of summer with a time-traveling twist, when we first met stars workaholics' adam devine, which is the main reason i watched it. the movie explores the whole concept of fatalism/soulmates/etc. by having adam's character relive the day he meets this particular woman over and over again. it does get a bit repetitive, but it's a fine little rom-com. i won't spoil the ending!

the good doctor (ABC)

my parents actually got me into the good doctor, which is RARE because my dad in particular has the worst taste in television. do you ever wonder who kept two and a half men on the air for so long, or who actually watches the big bang theory? the answer is: my dad. granted, he also introduced me to the glory of dumb and dumber and wayne's world when i was way too young for them, but i digress. this one centers on an autistic doctor played by freddie highmore aka charlie in charlie and the chocolate factory and it's kind of like a fresh take on house, with lots of suspense, intrigue, and earnest learning experiences for the main character.

some freaks (netflix)

if you're a sucker for indie film festival fare like i am, you'll probably enjoy this one. it follows three high school outcasts through the end of high school and into college—and the romance between two of them in particular. it's gritty, realistic, thought-provoking, and at times, very uncomfortable ... but the acting was excellent and i really enjoyed it.

love (netflix)

so, i watched all three seasons of this show and i'm still not sure if i really liked it, but i don't think i did? the lead characters were both extremely annoying (and, in the case of gus, creepy in a way i couldn't put my finger on) but i was strangely invested in their stupid relationship and i did like some of the supporting characters. take it or leave it, i guess? curious to know your thoughts if any of y'all watched it. ugh.

people you may know (netflix)

PAINFUL! to begin with, the plot is uber-dumb, revolving around a lonely graphic designer who teams up with a social media manager to create a more exciting, fake life on facebook through doctored photos. are you rolling your eyes yet? usher actually makes a cameo, which is kind of astounding considering how awful the whole thing is. very confused as to how this trainwreck has a 76% on rotten tomatoes. maybe because of usher?

happy anniversary (netflix)

i really liked happy anniversary! it's also cut from the 500 days of summer cloth, but despite being a netflix original, it had a kinda indie, offbeat vibe that i dug. rachel from master of none (noël wells) and jean-ralphio from parks and rec (ben schwartz) star as a couple who are trying to decide whether or not to make things work on their 3rd dating anniversary. a nice, light, pleasantly surprising sunday night movie.

according to greta (netflix)

netflix sent me a personalized recommendation for this one and i am frankly OFFENDED. okay, so it stars hilary duff, which seems like something i'd probably be into, so i can't blame them there. but there was certainly a reason i'd never heard of this hot mess. duff, aka juvenile delinquent w/ a 'tude, "greta," is sent to her grandparents in new jersey for the summer. she falls in love with a line cook from the wrong side of the tracks, etc. etc. it's so silly and bad, and this is coming from someone who loves silly, bad things. trust me and skip this one.

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