Sunday, January 7, 2018

around town: allium market & cafe

coolidge corner in brookline has long been my favorite boston neighborhood. it has it all: a great indie theater, a great indie bookstore, a handful of great places to eat and drink, and a boatload of quaint charm. now that i only live about a 10-minute drive away, i find myself here pretty often, so i'd eagerly been awaiting allium, a new gourmet market and cafe. it opened just a couple of weeks ago, and my apartment's heat is like, not working at all during this deep freeze, so this 3-degree morning seemed like the perfect time to escape my frigid home and drown myself in hot coffee.

from the moment i walked in to the sounds of "reptilia" by the strokes (which was later followed by supergrass' "allright"), i was feelin' good about this place. it was smaller than i expected; from the description, i'd been envisioning some kind of emporium, but it was cute and cozy. the cafe had a variety of pastries/muffins/donuts and coffee drinks available. i just went with a large coffee and the allium scone (which tasted more like a biscuit and had cheddar cheese, chives, and other assorted deliciousness), and set up shop at one of the tables. one thing i really liked is that despite its small size, there are quite a few places to sit, plug in, and work--always a plus for me.

i stole that second photo from someone on yelp, but the place was poppin', so i was happy i got there fairly early. also, note the fun greenery on the ceiling. doooope! after working for a while, i took a little stroll around the rest of the shop.

the shelves were stocked with all sorts of gourmet treats, from olives and honey to chocolate and caviar. in other words, stuff i have absolutely no practical use for, but that would be perfect for a classy dinner party. and let's not forget the most important thing: the glorious CHEESE COUNTER. all of the gouda, blue, manchego, etc. etc. your little heart desires. i'm seriously considering becoming a cheesemonger.

also, allium will host a variety of classes dedicated to tea, cheese (obvs) and other fun stuff. overall, it's a lovely new addition to the neighborhood, and i highly encourage you to pay a visit if you find yourself in coolidge corner.

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