Sunday, January 15, 2017

what does your perfect day look like?

a writing prompt that i saw a while back, which encouraged you to describe your ideal day, stuck with me. it's not really something i think about often, but i'm guessing no one really does, right? anyways, the whole point of the exercise was to note which parts of your perfect day weren't currently part of your daily life, and make an effort to incorporate them into your routine. instead of being super cheesy and poetically mapping out a day from beginning to end, i just came up with the elements mine would include.

  • coffee, crossword puzzle, and breakfast in bed (or on my non-existent patio...)
  • day trip to a place i haven't been, preferably one with a cute downtown i can explore
  • picnicking in a park
  • a not-too-strenuous hike
  • baking a cake to replenish all of the calories burned on the hike
  • a dance class
  • a cocktail at my favorite bar, jm curley
  • relaxing dinner at a good restaurant that has chicken piccata or something equally as delicious on the menu
  • going to see a band i really like at an intimate venue
  • cuddling on the couch and watching a movie while drinking wine and eating pizza hut pizza (very important)
  • ...uhhh what happens when you cuddle on the couch drinking wine

your turn!

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