Sunday, September 18, 2016

band i dig: CRX

recently, my friend gleni sent me a link to an article about a newly-formed band called CRX that includes nick valensi (my favorite stroke/the human i would create if i were to engineer a man, weird science style) and richie follin from two excellent bands, the willowz and guards. and apparently, their debut album is being produced by josh homme of queens of the stone age. "these are literally all of your favorite dudes," she added. it's true; the only thing that could make the lineup better would be the addition of anthony bourdain.

okay, so i've only heard their first single, "ways to fake it." i'll admit that i was confused and underwhelmed upon the first listen because i was expecting a grittier sound and, well, a less smooth and sweet voice from valensi. however, i quickly realized that they're going for a slick power-pop sound a la the cars and badfinger, listened again, and it all made muuuch more sense. ever since, it's been stuck in my head all day, errday, and i'm totally okay with that. nothing too groundbreaking, but a solid, fun, dancing-in-the-car tune. here's hoping that the album follows suit. what do you think?

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