Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 things i love: '90s one-hit wonder edition

what are your favorite OHWs from the greatest decade ever?

1. spacehog - "in the meantime"

come on, i'd deserve to be tarred and feathered if i didn't include either this or "possum kingdom" by the toadies, though i think this one has a slight edge in terms of being the most '90s song of all time. as soon as i hear the opening "oooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooooh-ooooh" i'm instantly transported to that glorious era of flannel, scrunchies, and doc martens.

2. citizen king - "better days (and the bottom drops out)"

god bless the music director at 92.9, who apparently loves this song as much as i do. i've heard it on the station approximately 5 times in the past couple weeks and it was what inspired this post. it teeters juuuust on the edge of carefree sublimey/311 fare and jangly alt-rock and trip-hop in the perfect way. but, uhh, have definitely been picturing a mark mcgrath-y bro as the lead singer for the past 17 years. mind = BLOWN. at least i got the frosted tips part right.

3.  tom cochrane - "life is a highway"

damn you, rascal flatts, for ruining this gem. with his swoopy blonde locks and leather jacket, tom captured my six year-old heart from that first harmonica wail. the fact that he's canadian is just a bonus. GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME YEAH!

4. alana davis - "32 flavors"

usually, when i say, "i haven't thought about that one in forever" in reference to any given song, i'm lying and just trying to pretend that i'm not a huge music geek that regularly thinks about one-hit wonders. BUT, when consulting a list of flash-in-the-pan tunes yesterday, i realized that i really, truly haven't thought about this song since i was 12 years old. i'm so happy i rediscovered it -- and alana davis' entire debut album, which was in heavy rotation for me in 6th grade. this is actually an ani difranco cover, but i much prefer it to the original. so much soul.

5. deadeye dick - "new age girl"

confession: while i do vaguely remember this song from dumb and dumber, it wasn't until last month that i heard it randomly and decided that i loved it. from the weird collective "RUH" noise to the lyrics about this crazy bitch mary moon (who, FYI, is a vegetarian and will outlive all the septuagenarians), it's awesomely bad. but it's also just a great time. LOL @ the line "she don't eat meat, but she sure like the bone." what the hell is going on in this video?!

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