Sunday, June 26, 2016

my 2016 to-do list: 6-month update

so ... i gots a lot to do. out of the 40 items i set out to complete, i've only accomplished 8 of 'em:

2. have high tea in london
the most 'grammable tea groupon could buy.

3. drink coffee & eat a croissant at a sidewalk cafe in paris 
i got a crepe instead, since the waitress was being mad rude...cigarette emoji for dramatic effect

4. visit an amsterdam coffee shop 
twice...really don't want to remember the latter experience

10. celebrate my 30th birthday in style
said "hey, what's up, hello" to the big 3-0 with a little soiree on the patio of one of my favorite local restaurants with booze, music, food, and some of the best people i know.

19. watch live jazz
twice! at the beat brasserie in cambridge, and wally's in the south end.

27. see the mona lisa at the louvre
naaaailed it.

33. organize my gmail inbox (and get to 0) ... of course, it's back to being a hot mess now

that means i have 32 left. here are some of the "reach" ones i might need some help with. anyone?

9. complete my book manuscript
25. go skinny-dipping
26. visit 4 new states (to reach 30 states visited)
32. buy a home
37. visit montreal

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