Saturday, April 9, 2016

5 things i love right now

1. this song by parquet courts, "outside"

they're back! it was love at first listen when this brooklyn quartet released "stoned and starving" back in 2012, but then they lost me with their last album. i was overjoyed that they seem to have returned to form with their latest, human performance, and i can already tell that this one has strong potential as the theme song for my eurotrip, which begins tomorrow.

2.  the fact that adam green and macaulay culkin made an adaptation of aladdin

actually, it's kind of terrifying and i kind of hate it. but i've always been strangely fascinated by both of these weirdos. adam green, because he's an emerson drop-out who shares my birthday and writes pleasant sounding, folky tunes that mask disturbingly funny lyrics about fornicating with girls with no legs. mac because he's just the classic child star-turned-complete mess. but i can't deny that i'm at least a little curious about this indie film based on the poster and this article. drugs are bad, mmkay?

3. the new elizabeth & james fragrance, nirvana

speaking of child stars, i was browsing for a new scent at sephora the other day and fell in love with this one before i realized it's made by the olsen twins' brand. ugh, i know. don't tell anyone. but it's the perfect mix of sandalwood and vanilla and is just yummy, so i make no apologies. only thing missing is a hint of stale cig smoke for that full MK & A experience.

4.  this meme that's too real

does this happen to anyone else at least once a week?


5.  this t-shirt

heh heh.

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