Saturday, November 7, 2015

5 things i love right now

1.  tights under ripped jeans

so, i bought a pair of ripped jeans at primark a few weeks ago, remembering the '90s trend of either sewing up the knee with a funky patch, or wearing tights under them. there are so many ways to mix up the look (colored tights, lace, other patterns), and they add a pop of intrigue and fun to any fall look.

2. this blog post about random turn-ons

when i came across this post the other day on one of my favorite blogs, a cup of jo, i found myself chuckling/smiling while reading the comments because it's comforting to know that we're basically all delightful weirdos. as jenna elfman (while dressed as an angel stripper) says in the teen classic can't hardly wait, "we all have our things." after considering the topic for a bit, i determined that my random turn-ons (besides men with long hair, because, duh) include:

  • southern accents
  • forearm and/or abdomen tattoos
  • chiseled cheekbones a la nick valensi
  • playing the electric guitar (not acoustic, though) or drums
  • skater beanies
  • salt-and-pepper hair

what are your random turn-ons?

3. this acoustic performance of "prey" by the neighbourhood

speaking of acoustic guitar ...
i don't know what's gotten into me in the past couple weeks, but i've basically become a neighbourhood fangirl. the fuzzy, soulful, slick new album, wiped out!, has mad atmospheric weeknd vibes and it's just really hitting the spot for me right now. however, the marketer in me is also a little fascinated with the group's carefully-cultivated image (all videos and photos of them must be black-and-white...whaaa?) and fervent tween fanbase, known as "hoodlums." anyways, this stripped-down rendition of one of my favorites is pretty addictive. jesse rutherford's voice is, to quote a commenter, "not of this world," and his funny facial twists and tics are quite amusing to watch.

4. this sage advice

buzzfeed, of all places, published this piece on relationship advice and it was GREAT. aside from this quote, the final paragraph was poignant and so, so true:

Don’t end up in a situation where someone else’s needs and desires come before your own. Don’t allow someone to control your emotions. And don’t put your heart in the hands of anyone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve. If you’re ever doubting the way a situation is panning out, or how someone is treating you – whether you’re dating, in a relationship, or completely single – just imagine what you would tell a friend in the same position. Because while it can be easy to lose sight of things, and relationships can become complicated, one simple, indisputable fact remains: You deserve the best.

5. this video of a guy and his cat vibing to drake's "hotline bling"

YES, i know he's moving the cat's head, but lololol. may or may not have snorted the first time i watched this. it's almost as good as the kittens dancing to "turn down for what."


  1. Nice post idea haha. I just saw that cat video & thought it was hilarious. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Are you inside my head, right now? So weird. I just visited my cousin this weekend and she had a video of her cat bobbing his head along to Hotline Bling unassisted. Also I love the Neighborhood. I have both albums and really dig their slightly dark but still weirdly sunny Cali vibes. I saw them perform two summers ago and they are, unsurprisingly, awesome live. Uhh and my turn-on is a deep voice. Like I don't even care what you look like, but if you have a low voice like Benedict Cumberbatch or Mark Strong, I'm like, "my body is ready".

    1. ha, so funny! guess hotline bling is all the rage. :) i have yet to see the nbhd live but i am so going to see them on their next tour for this album! good call on the deep voice, too.