Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the best of texts from friends

there's really nothing like a great text from a friend, is there? sure, IRL interaction and phone calls are great, but text is a fine art that -- when done well -- can make a much bigger impact. after receiving a particularly amazing one the other day, i decided to comb my inbox archives for some gems.

i found ...

style statements:

potentially dangerous words of encouragement:

liberating proclamations:

philosophical discussions on emoji:

hilarious thursday night observations:

a vote of confidence when i came face-to-face with a former flame's new chick:

musings on fallen pop stars:

drug-fueled nonsense:

pure silliness:

and a succinct summary of late-20s single life:

what are your favorite friend texts?


  1. Oooh, oooh, one of my friends sent me this "I was in an elevator and an old white southern woman was talking about her grandparents. They apparently use to talk to her about how they used to pick cotton" "I don't know if that's right...They probably had slaves pick the cotton and they would watch."

    1. Sorry if that seems racist, my friend is Indian btw.

    2. haha, that is classic. overheard conversations are the best!