Monday, July 20, 2015

the tao of justin bobby

in the summertime, i have three basic needs: sweet treats, jumpsuits/rompers, and despicably mindless television. i'm talking america's got talent and celebrity family feud, people. but the one show that i come back to, summer after summer, is the hills. something about those glossy-haired blonde nymphs, prancing around west hollywood with starbucks and jamba juice cups to a soundtrack of up-and-never-quite-came indie rock bands immediately boosts my mood. the staged, awkward pauses give me life! and every time i re-watch an episode, i extract some new nugget of wisdom from it. okay, wisdom is a stretch. but what i recently realized while viewing the show 7 years later is that justin bobby was the REAL OG. like, i remember him being sort of an enigmatic joke back in the day -- lauren conrad summed him up when she exclaimed, "homeboy wore combat boots to the beach!" however, the man has some choice advice that really stands the test of time. let's revisit it, shall we?

there was this gem:

he also said something during this conversation about kicking toxic people who don't add anything to your life "the fuck out." i'm paraphrasing, but still brilliant.


"there's something zen-ful about it." (what? no idea.)

"it's not a matter of like, how slow, how fast, it's just like ... for me, putting statements on things, i'll be gone. like, i don't like that."

and finally ...

and so i thank you, justin bobby, for entertaining and enlightening generations to come with your nonsensical adages.

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