Wednesday, June 3, 2015

5 things i love right now

1. this song by PHASES, "i'm in love with my life"

i was a huge fan of all of those so-cal power pop/indie rock bands back in the day: phantom planet, rooney, everybody else, the like, etc. etc. a couple weeks ago, i decided to see what former PP lead singer alex greenwald was up to because i'm weird like that. i was stoked to find out that he's making music with the former lead singer of the like, z berg, and a couple other dudes. this tune shot to the top of my summer jams list INSTANTLY. and the video isn't too shabby, either!

2. trader joe's frozen chocolate-covered banana slices

speaking of summer treats, have you tried these?! they're heavenly and they never last more than like, two days in my house. on a hot day, there's nothing better to snack on than this chill banana-choco goodness. swear.

3. silicon valley

you'll especially appreciate this HBO show if you work for a tech company like i do, but the snarky jokes are pretty universal. all of the characters are great in their own way, from meek and bumbling CEO richard to the crass, perpetually-stoned erlich. however, my personal favorite is guilfoyle, played by martin starr of freaks and geeks fame (BILL!). his deadpan jokes get me every time.

4. this pinterest-worthy quote:

can i get an amen?!

5.  this nerdy dude's hip-hop audition on so you think you can dance

i look forward to SYTYCD every year, and i always love when an unlikely person just blows everyone away with their audition. he does kind of look like bill gates!

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