Saturday, April 25, 2015

around town: the barbazons at the middle east

last night was one of those rare occasions where i truly enjoyed every single one of the bands that played. if you weren't there, y'all missed out on a killer time. so lemme tell you about it.


solid garage rock jams from providence. the lead singer reminded me of tim lincecum and so i just stared at him the entire time, basically.


oh my god, i can't remember a time i've been so energized and excited by an opening band that i hadn't heard of before. like, legit, i kept mouthing "holy shit!" during every tune. i'll be honest -- when they took the stage, all donning black tees with scorpions on them and black bandanas over their mouths, i rolled my eyes. two songs into their set, and i'm frantically texting my show companion -- who hadn't arrived yet -- "this band is KILLIN' IT. get over here." not a word was uttered nor sung the entire time, but i was totally captivated by their aggressive, slightly sinister, surf rock sound. i'll let the music speak for itself:


and then for something completely different, doug tuttle and his band (which included apollo sunshine's jesse gallagher) took the stage for some super chill psychedelic tunes, bruh. having consumed two mixed drinks at this point, i swayed back and forth pretty much the entire time and think i said "i want to smoke a joint to this."  loved their whole vibe. listen and you'll see what i mean.


who i actually came to see in the first place! my favorite local band, these guys and gals were known as the fagettes until about a month ago when they made the decision to adopt a less controversial name. anyways, it's always a bit of a throwback for me to see them, since frontman ryan major used to play guitar in this '70s-style punk band called red invasion that i used to go see in high school. jesus, i sound old. :(

in addition to introducing their new name, the barbazons were also celebrating the release of their new LP, avec plaisir. it came out on wednesday, and i think i've listened to it about three times already. it's a great listen from beginning to end, but "on drugs" is my standout favorite.

they have amazing energy and their '60s-inspired, jangly tunes just make you wanna daaaance. there were tambourines and maracas and saxophones. by the end of the show, ryan was probably drunk and definitely shirtless, venturing into the crowd while posturing and posing with total mick jagger swagger.

best show i've been to in a dog's age!

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