Sunday, May 11, 2014

the best tv moms of all time

1. lorelai gilmore (gilmore girls)

LG is the coolest tv mom that could ever be. in addition to raising the most well-behaved daughter on earth by herself, she was the head honcho at an adorable connecticut inn, listened to great music AND wore witty t-shirts. relatedly, she made pop culture references for days. observe:

2. clair huxtable (the cosby show)

the OG (no disrespect to june cleaver). a sassy, chic, and unflappable attorney with a heart of gold, she can really do it all. 'nuff said.

3. annie camden (7th heaven)

ok, so she was super annoying most of the time, though NOTHING compared to her meddling/prudish/obnoxious husband. but it was only because she cared too much. and obviously, she meant well and made sure that all of their 10 zillion kids had everything they needed. god loves you, annie camden.

4. kirsten cohen (the oc)

as the saying goes ... behind every great man, there's a great woman. and let's face it: sandy cohen is an f-ing phenomenal man. i mean, for a tv character. anyways, kirsten was always super cool and calm and collected. even when she befriended that sketchy chick and became an alcoholic and had to go to rehab, she managed to at least appear that she had her shit together. plus, even though she was fully aware that she raised a nerdy, comic-book loving indie nerd -- the polar opposite of the newport beach crowd -- she always embraced and supported seth's quirkiness.

5. reba hart (reba

probably the most tolerant/patient mom ever. she not only took in her dumbass daughter, her daughter's even dumber babydaddy, AND the baby, but she put up with her lying, cheating husband and his mistress. mad respect, reba.


  1. Oh man, I loved Claire! She seemed the closest to my full-time working mom in male dominated field. I also like the parents on The Middle. I hated Patricia Heaton as Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond but I really like her on the Middle.

    1. oh, good call! i had only associated her with raymond (and agreed, not a huge fan) but i forgot about the middle!