Sunday, November 10, 2013

sunday funnies

i've been on a youtube comedy binge this week for some reason, so i decided to rediscover some of my favorite clips. i pretty much just wanted to post all of qaadir howard's videos because i have tears streaming down my face during every one, but the powers that be at youtube won't let me embed them. here are the rest of my favorites!

chris d'elia

chris d'elia's vine videos are great, but his stand-up is also hilarious. the fact that this bit has to do with drake makes it even better. actually, the fact that he laughs like a hyena at his own jokes as he improvs is probably the best part.


my old roommate texted me the other day to tell me that "first kid" was on and she thought of me. this is because of my unwavering and random love for sinbad. but seriously, the dude is SO FUNNY and underrated. my dad and i used to watch his "afros and bellbottoms" HBO special on sundays when i was in high school and laugh 'til our stomachs hurt, and i ended up buying him tickets a few christmases ago to go see him live. he's just as funny like 20 years later.

jared logan

you may have seen this guy on "best week ever" or "last comic standing." he has a great style, and just seems like a cool dude. i keep coming back to this clip in particular, even though he hates on oprah in it. 

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