Tuesday, September 10, 2013

virtual housewarming party!

after just about 2 months and lots of comcast and couch drama, i'm FINALLY all settled into my new home, and i had some friends over this past weekend to celebrate! i'm pretty proud of my new abode, since it's the first place that i've completely been able to decorate exactly as i'd like. i thought i'd give y'all a peek. so queue up this spotify playlist, pour yourself a glass of wine, and have a look around!

living room! 

yes, i bought a bird lamp ... because i could.

bought this beacon street print at the sowa open market a few months before i moved to FL. still love it!

antique "kitchen" table & chairs!

(it says "delighted you're here")

the tree was entirely a project (lots of decals), but i think it came out pretty nicely, right?

lovers tarot print that i got at an art fair in orlando

the kitchen is always so sunny & i love it!

with the garland lit, at night

i also bought a bunch of stupid shit i didn't need, like this fake spice thing.

and this old mailbox, where i keep coupons.

the bathroom's a little dated, but i like it just fine.

and finally ... what 20-something girl DOESN'T have a decoupaged print of kurt cobain on her wall, amiright?!


  1. What a beautiful apartment! Its very big and I love how you decorate it.